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Because it's your customer using your website, not you.

We take the time to find out who your customers are and what they need from you in order to buy your products, hire your services or simple follow you. From there we build responsive, secure and optimized websites with those customers in mind that ultimately drive your business further.

Selling Online

In today’s global market, if your business is selling products or services, the most important sales tool in your arsenal for selling online is your website. A website that is both developed to be search engine friendly and designed to cater to what your customers want can expose and sell your products and services to a global audience.

If you’re not selling online, where do you start? And if you already are, how can you sell more? 

Both questions come down to defining the core of your business and how it applies to your customers. In general, if you’re selling online, the only things a customer actually cares about relate to the following questions:

What are you selling online? Do I want or need it?

Before a customer even engages you, they usually decided whether they really want or need the product or service you’re selling. Are you selling something that people actually want or need? If the answer is yes, you can proceed to the next step (alternatively, if the answer is no, stop right there and re-evaluate what you’re in business to do).

Is it better?

You have a customer that either wants or needs your product, but on the web, chances are there’s a few other business out there that have the same products selling online, so what’s going to convince your customers that yours is better? Simply telling someone your product or service is better through clever advertising isn’t good enough, as current consumers are more likely believe what their closest friends and contacts tell them more than they will when faced with traditional advertising. You need to allow your current customers to promote your product on your behalf by incentivizing them to post reviews and share on social media – which will ultimately drive new but already interested customers back to your website.

Okay, I want it. Can I easily buy it?

Your customer has decided that what you’re selling online is the best, and they want it immediately – and where do the fastest, most compulsive purchases happen the most? On the web, of course. It’s critical that you make closing the sale as fast and as easy as possible through the user experience of your website – before your customer changes his or her mind – on all devices mobile or desktop. Every step - from clicking “Buy” to confirming the details of your order - must be efficient, easy to understand and free of any potential road-blocks or hassles such as hidden costs or shipping limitations.

At the end of the day, selling online is no different than traditional sales as the same rules apply. Pay attention to what your customers really want and need, offer an outstanding product as it relates to your customers, and provide them with the fastest and easiest way to get it.

Are your products and/or services selling online as well as they should be? Talk to us today to find out more about how we can turn your website into an online sales machine.