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Responsive Website Design

Where’s the last place you browsed the internet? If you were asked this question ten years ago, the answer would probably be on your desktop computer, however now with the emergence of mobile technologies such as smart phones and tablets, the answer isn’t so black and white, therefore creating the same online experiences for your users and customers across all devices has become a massive challenge.

What if you could build one website that adapted to whatever device it was displayed on? Enter responsive website design, which makes this possible. This new way of developing websites has rapidly grown into an efficient, device-agnostic framework that is continually evolving to account for the expanding number of mobile devices and screen sizes on the market today.

While traditional website design was based on a static “one size fits most” screen size, responsive website design is based on a fluid layout – one that can adapt and change to look great and deliver content on everything from the largest monitor to the smallest smart phone display. New responsive HTML5/CSS3 frameworks for developing on are popping up everyday while well-established ones such as Twitter’s Bootstrap or Zurb’s Foundation continue to expand in features and capabilities. These frameworks can then also be integrated with popular Content Management Systems such as Wordpress, Expression Engine and SilverStripe – allowing you to manage your own content on top of being visible on every device.

So what does this mean for your website? By creating a responsive website design, you can:

  • Eliminate the need to build a separate mobile version of your site (therefore having to manage two websites)
  • Maximize the visibility of your website, no longer limiting it to desktop computers.
  • Ensure your site looks good on, and displays the appropriate content for the device being used to view it.
  • Eliminate the possibility of having to build native mobile applications for your website (such as an iPhone App, Android App or a Windows Phone App)

And the best part? A responsive website design doesn’t cost a lot more than a traditional website design. Sure there’s a little more time in thinking about what it’s going to look like on a variety of screens, but the actual implementation is pretty straight forward.

Here’s a few examples of responsive websites we’ve created:

Here’s a few examples and resource sites we just really like:

Are you missing out by not having a responsive website design in place? Thankfully we’re pretty good at this new way of doing things. Get an estimate today.