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Opt In Email Marketing

Although web technologies and ways of communicating continue to rapidly evolve, one standard that still remains strong, and will for the forseeable future is email. Using email is simply ingrained into the habits of almost everything we do and amongst the noise of social media, it’s still on of the best ways to clearly communicate with your target audience – otherwise known as Opt In Email Marketing.

The average user’s attention span for random event invites, post notifications and tweets is getting shorter by the day as the messages start to pile up. However, if they’ve made the commitment to subscribe to your mailing list because you’re offering them something of value, you’ll have their attention locked in. 

So how does Opt In Email Marketing work?

Well first off, the key behind the success of any email marketing initiative is a proper mailing list, and this is generated organically through your website, and satellite social media outlets, when your users, followers or customers decide they’d like to “opt in” or subscribe to your mailing list. 

How do you convince someone to “opt in”?

Providing a valuable incentive is a good place to start. Whatever someone is signing up for, it has to be worth it for them. A discount or promotion tied to one of your products or services as incentive to sign up is one great way, and selling the exclusivity of being on a mailing list that provides additional value – through information or offers to its members - is another way.

Once you have a significant mailing list, how do you leverage it? Unfortunately where a lot of Opt In Email Marketing fails is in the consistency for which it is executed. You can’t ask someone to sign up for your mailing list, then not send anything out to him/her for months. If you’re email marketing is an information-based newsletter, a scheduled delivery – whether it’s weekly, bi-weekly or monthly – is crucial, as your subscribers will quickly figure out when to anticipate your next mail-out, especially if it’s packed with value. If you’re email marketing is timed with special offers from your business, your subscriber list should be the first to know – ahead of the general public.

What Opt In Email Marketing options are available?

There are many options available to allow you to self-manage your email marketing along with your mailing lists, such as MailChimp, Constant Contact and our favorite, Campaign Monitor. Most of these online applications allow you to easily design and customize email templates that are both desktop and mobile friendly, as well as spam and email client tested.

For most clients who prefer to stay away from the initial dirty work of setting everything up, we run our own system on top of the Campaign Monitor framework. We’ll design and program your email templates and set up your mailing lists. All you have to is fill in your content and send. Full reports on the success of the campaign are delivered in the following week, including stats such as who opened, who clicked what links, and any bounces or unsubcribes that may have happened.

Want to rev up your opt in email marketing? Talk to us today to find out how to get started.