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Online Ordering Systems

Can you streamline your business using your website? Absolutely! Many offline business processes can be replicated and automated on your website, all of which can help you manage your business more efficiently. One example of this is an online ordering system. From simply selling an off the shelf product, to allowing your user  to fully customize what they are buying, logical online tools to handle these processes and manage incoming orders through a back end administration system can provide massive value to your business.

Here’s a look at three different online ordering system examples we’ve designed and developed for three different companies.

Montagu’s Sandwich

With a focus on corporate lunches, Montagu’s here in Calgary needed an easy way for their customers to place orders for large groups of people. With a menu that included a wide variety of sandwiches, breads, salads and sides, the number of options was immense, so the ultimate challenge was to present these options in an easy to use, step-by-step format that the customer could quickly input their order choices and send it off. On the client side, orders coming through the online ordering system had to be efficiently organized into one place so that they could be catered and delivered when the customer requested it.

We met those challenges head-on, building a custom order form and admin area using Ruby on Rails, and as a result, the number of orders has increased every month since the launch of the website in the fall of 2012.

Have a look at the Montagu’s online ordering system

Families Matter

This organization facilitates a wide variety of programs and classes for families in Calgary and came to us with the challenge of building an online ordering system that processed registrations and payments for programs and classes. Like the Montagu’s system, the options available for each class were many, so the system needed to accommodate them in a manner that was logical and easy for the end user.

On the organization’s side, a large set of incoming data from the registration system had to be organized such as the registrant’s information, payment details, subsidies and much more.

Again working with Ruby on Rails, we developed an intuitive registration process that accounted for all possible registration option and ultimately fed that data into an organized report-based client administration system.

Visit the Families Matter website


One of our U.S. clients that we’re currently in the heart of development with, AdMagic came to us with the complex challenge of developing an online ordering system for their customizable playing cards, poker chips and board games. With the end goal of streamlining the ordering process, the user is taken through a series of steps, where they could choose their product, the size and format, the style, quantities and much more. Every step has a wide variety of options resulting in infinite possibilities for what the end product will be.

Thus far we’ve broken down the entire process into a streamlined online ordering system that customizes the product more with every step, in a manner that easy for the user to understand. We expect to launch this system in the summer of 2013. 

BJV Exploration

For this Calgary company we developed something a little different – not an online ordering system, but a set of online tools that work to bolster the company’s position as a leader in 3D Seismic Program design, by providing their clients with an easy way of making basic seismic calculations on the web.

Based on a series of formulas and calculations, we developed a form-based set of online tools that take data entered by the client and returns 3D Fold values and Max Bin sizes that are all highly valuable in starting the development of a seismic program.

These tools both work as scientific calculators as well as marketing drivers of new business should the client want to take their seismic program further beyond the calculations they’re able to make on the website.

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