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Custom Web Application Development

In the scale of what’s possible on the web, custom web application development is at the top of the services we offer. These initiatives are typically massive under-takings based on a rock solid business idea, that require months of dedicated development time and resources to address the many challenges – both technical and real-world – that come with the task.

Over the past few years, we’ve become very proficient at building these ideas. Through strict adherence to the practices of agile programming methodologies and test driven development, we’ve built complex applications for both clients as well as ourselves.

Our current endeavor in the realm of custom web application development is the Wrangle Human Resources web application (featured in our Inspire Lab section). Built with Ruby on Rails and integrating the Twitter Bootstrap responsive framework, this web-based application is a prime example of a rapidly developed, lightweight and lightening fast online software.

Developed from the ground up over the past eight months, the system is based on the proven idea that personal referrals fill jobs faster, with better people. It integrates functionality and features companies to create, pay for and manage job postings along with the people that apply for them. For members, the system easily allows them to find, share, refer and apply for jobs.

A simple concept? Yes, and the complexity of everything under the hood allows the user experience on the outside to be just that - simple – which is the common goal for any custom web application development initiative.

Along with Wrangle, we’ve also developed web-based applications for the real estate and private investment industries, one of which will launch in 2013.

Have an idea you want to build on the web? Find out more how custom web application development can help realize that idea, talk to us today.