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Content Management Systems

Why are so many websites stuck in an unchanging, static state – where updates and news are rarely posted - when the company’s that they’re showcasing are constantly evolving? The answer is usually one of two things. Sometimes the company either just doesn’t have the people resources in place to manage it properly. However more common is that the company hasn’t implemented any of the powerful content management systems currently available that would allow them to make updates and post newsworthy items quickly and efficiently without having to consult a web developer or agency.

Whether it’s to simply showcase your company or drive product and service sales, a system behind your website that gives you control over all of its pages and content  is essential, and by using it properly your site will quickly go from stale and unchanging, to a dynamic resource for fresh content that will keep users and customers coming back for more – along with the search engines.

What Content Management Systems Are the Best?

There are a large number of choices on the web when it comes to systems for managing your website’s content, and not every system does the same thing or works in the same way. At Inspire, we develop websites that use Wordpress, Expression Engine and Silver Stripe for managing content, and the one we choose is entirely dependent on the needs of the client’s website.


Originally used for blogging only, Wordpress has become one of the most popular search engine friendly content management systems available today. It is free and open source, with developers contributing great plug-ins such as form and photo gallery widgets. The client interface for managing pages, content and blog posts is fairly straight forward and easy to use.

Expression Engine

This system is like an advanced, more robust version of Wordpress, offering much more scalability and customization as well as fantastic technical support. The client interface is well designed with the user experience in mind and it’s easy to manage everything from the pages themselves, to content contributors to the navigation and structure. The license for Expression Engine is a few hundred dollars, but it’s a steal when compared to other content management systems. 


A fairly new addition to the options available for managing content, SilverStripe is a free, open source content management system that is very scalable and flexible. It includes functionality for managing all components a site large or small could possibly have. Our own website is built on Silver Stripe, and it’s been a fantastic experience every time we use it.

Content Management Systems to Avoid

Not all systems are good. Some, such as Drupal, Joomla or Concrete, are bloated with features and sluggish when it comes to performance. Others, such as Sharepoint, are more suited for enterprise level requirements and the associated costs that go with them are extremely high.

So, want your website to grow with your business? Make it happen by integrating one of the content management systems we develop with. Get an estimate from us today.