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“My online sales grew by 20% in the first month after reading the book.” - Cristy Ortiz, Wild Canyon Adventure Park, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

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Have a dedicated customer base that subscribes to your business? The Web Un-Tangled! is the perfect add-on product to offer to them. We'll brand the book to be yours so you can sell it to your customers... then reap the rewards!

About the Book


The Web Un-Tangled! is the definitive resource for creating and building an online business that includes real world content from eleven of the world’s leading internet experts. Updated monthly, the book is current, relevant and designed for the everyday person. This is our promise to you.


The Web Un-Tangled! is the only web business book that includes content from eleven authors. It goes through everything that’s needed to set up and run and online business from identifying your audience and defining your brand, to mapping out your site to be search engine and customer friendly, and finally creating relevant content that speaks to the people viewing it. It is packed with real world answers for entrepreneurs and uniquely starts with pen and paper lessons. 

Written By Experts


The Web Un-Tangled! is a collaboration between 11 industry experts that cover all topics web related from defining your customers and brand online, to mapping out and building your site properly in the eyes of both your audience and Google, to creating content that’s truly engaging. These authors include:

Shelly Kramer
Social Media & Corporate Brand Strategist

Casey Markee
Google Penalty Expert

Kristi Hagen
Search Engine Strategy Expert

Graham Silbermann
Social Media Expert

Erika Napoletano
Internet Strategist and Social Media Expert

Brendon Turner
Search Engine Optimization Expert

Marshall Gill
Marketing & Brand Strategist

Mary Bowling
Local Search Optimization Expert

Barry Bowman
Search Engine Marketing Expert

Travis Wright
Social Media Strategist & Growth Hacker

Wes Straub
Web Design and Usability Expert

Get Comfortable


From in-depth explanations to easy to follow step-by-step instruction, The Web Un-Tangled! has something for every aspiring entrepeneur who's looking to build their business online. The book includes the following lessons:

Part One: Your Brand, Your Customers & You

  • Building Customer Personas
  • Your Brand: Be Authentic... Be Original
  • The Top Search Engines
  • High Ranking Webpages

Part Two: The Building Blocks of Your Website

  • Learning All About Keywords
  • Building Your Keyword List
  • Your Website’s Architecture
  • Choosing A Website-Building Platform
  • A Blog = Fresh and Unique Content
  • On Page Search Engine Optimization
  • Website Extras: Rich Snippets
  • The Power of Local Search

Part Three: Links, Relationships and Readers

  • Links = Website Trust
  • Your Link Building Planner
  • Your “Share Worthy” Content Template
  • Social Media Explained
  • Online Business Relationships
  • Understanding Google Penalties